Corporate vision

To become a system supplier to major customers, achieve synergy of shared development and the benefit of our own development.


Provision of effective comprehensive solutions and values for operation in our relation to business partners, employees and social environment.


Response and Flexibility

Knowledge, qualifications, experience and resourcefulness of our staff are our competitive advantage. Short lead-times, specific products, detecting new demand on the market, reducing the development and production cycle, customized production and logistics are indispensable for servicing the most demanding customers. With our responsiveness and customized solutions we can meet the needs and satisfy the expectations of our business partners.

Partnership and trust

We build up a respectful and partner-like relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees, environment and society. With open, responsible relations we aim to win trust and achieve efficiency in business.

Creativity and Efficiency

Our employees are encouraged to be innovative and creative. The solutions incorporate all views, reflections and ideas of our employees as a resultant thereof. Together we seek new efficient ways for achieving the satisfaction of our customers and other partners in business.

Responsibilities and loyalty

We expect from our employees to be responsible at work; they are encouraged to act responsibly in view of achieving the goals, with fellow workers and for the Company.

Loyalty of employees can greatly contribute to success and efficiency, as well as to the reputation of the Company in the business environment. In our eyes, this is a genuine dedication to the implementation of goals that lead to desired and expected achievements.

Organizational Culture

We are a highly-responsive and flexible company, aware that we can only exist on, and retain the market by innovative approaches, seeking new business opportunities and solutions, observing and adapting to the change. Our organizational culture and strategic goals are brought into line with the requirements.

In our employees we encourage team work and project-based approach, open and efficient cooperation among them. We wish our employees to be aware of the relevance of their contribution to, as well as their responsibility for the joint achievements of the Company. We are open to change; we promote improvement and wish to be recognizable for our quality and level of organization. Our employees are offered good working conditions, a creative environment and our support to professional growth and personal development of every individual.