Company presentation

The Company ELVEZ d.o.o., is the Manufacturer of specialized products for automotive industry, electrical and mechanical engineering, and white goods manufacturers. The excellence of our products and services, continual improvement and development of know-how, as well as good relations with all stakeholders are the baselines underlying for a harmonious development and a successful future for the Company. During our corporate history we have grown, developed our engineering and service profile, maintained competitiveness, implemented our strategic goals, always dedicated to our mission and vision statement. Our employees are constantly engaged in development and implementation of innovative, flexible solutions to meet an outstanding quality and highest customer satisfaction which are the foundation for long term relationship.


The rising demand of our customers requires a high quality level of our products and services. Therefore, the core philosophy of ELVEZ rests on the underlying continual improvement system, compliant with the quality certificates under the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. We look on this system as the only way to achieve the desired results and targets, so all our employees are involved therein.

Modernisation and automation of the production process require on-going investments in modern computer-aided technology which contributes added value to our products and services and assures competitive advantage to us; in this way we can retain our major customers and acquire new ones.

The basis of our development is an orderly, clearly structured system of the entire operating process. The fundamentals for it include:

  • A focused vision, mission and values statement of the Company, dedicated to achieving the strategic goals,
  • Development and continual improvement of quality of our products and services, as well as work process,
  • New developmental, technological and technical solutions and improvements,
  • Efficient coordination of the global demand, supply and manufacturing of new products,
  • Permanent education and training of employees,
  • Self-assessment and external measuring of our partners’ satisfaction,
  • Optimum organization of the Company and management.


Our core activity is manufacturing. A combination of two manufacturing programs allows us to provide a full service to our customers.  We are specialized for the production and manufacturing of:

  • cable harnesses, cable sets/accessories and wiring,
  • various power cords,
  • cable sets with sensor-aided technique,
  • injection moulding of technical plastic parts,
  • assembly (fitting) of various complexes and links for industry.


Efficiency and performance rest on responsibility and knowledge of all employees. We promote commitment, proficiency and competence in our employees, and wish to motivate them adequately to maintain continuity of our development. Investing in professional knowledge, skills and personal development of our people is pre-requisite to warrant our success.

Sustainable development

We wish to work in co-existence with the environment and society to which we belong.  Eager to take part, promote and support culture, sports, tourism, humanitarian and other voluntary activities we make a contribution to improve the image and prospects for a better future of the local community in which we operate.


Corporate history of Elvez – chronological description

  • Founded on: 16.12.1991
  • Registered office and place of business: Višnja Gora
  • 1993 Purchase of business premises and production programme of Iskra Videomatika in bankruptcy
  • 1993 Merger of two Manufacturing Programs – Manufacture of cable harnesses/accessories and processing of plastic
  • 1998 Relocation of the Manufacture to Ljubljana
  • 2000 Acquisition of ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
  • 2003 First nomination for Gazelle for Central Slovenia
  • 2006 Second nomination for, and pronunciation of Gazelle for Central Slovenia and Slovenian Silver Gazelle
  • 2006 Commencement of building work on the new facility in Višnja Gora.
  • 2007 Relocation of business and manufacturing plant to new facility in Višnja Gora
  • 2008 Acquisition of the automotive quality standard ISO/TS 16949
  • 2010 Start with upgraded information system Navision 5.0
  • 2013 Implementation of new technology »METALIZATION« in the serial production
  • 2014 Nomination for Business Entrepreneur of the year 2014 in Slovenia
  • Plan to acquire the environmental quality certificate ISO 14001 in 2015


  • GZS – Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • AHK DESLO German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • GIZ ACS – Slovenian Automotive Cluster
  • Club of Slovenian Manufacturers of Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories


A satisfied customer is our basic goal and guide. By complying with the quality requirements of customers and international standards, we direct all our efforts to:

  • Meet the demand and expectations of our customers at home and abroad,
  • Assure the quality and reliability of our production processes, products and services by continual modernising of our machinery and technological equipment,
  • Gain new or higher quality of our products and services, as well as in the management of production process, by investing in new knowledge and professional development of our employees,
  • Supported by the customized information system (Navision Production 5.0), achieve a rapid information flow on the required quality level, and better responsiveness as required by our business partners – customers and suppliers.

The measurement of the required high level of quality management for the manufacture of products and implementation of services has been conducted for a long time and underlying for the quality certificates awarded to us, and confirmed by subsequent quality audits:

  • ISO 9001 – the basic quality standard (acquired in 2000),
  • ISO/TS 16949 – the automotive quality standard (acquired in 2008).

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